Von André Habermann, 16. August 2013

The Musical Odyssey – ein DJ und Mixtape Projekt aus UK – hat eine feine Sammlung an 21 sehr alten Jazz und Blues Songs aus den Jahren 1920 – 1954 zusammengestellt. Themenspektrum: Sex, Drugs & Crime. Die Macher selbst dazu:

Seems you can’t listen to music today without hearing some reference or other to sex, drugs and crime. Well, guess what kids, it ain’t nothing new! Join the Odyssey for an hour of vintage jazz, blues and folk brought to you by a motley crew of junkers, jivers, vipers, dope-fiends, hookers, boozers and crap-shooting sinners.

Some of these tracks are extremely old – in fact, the most recent track on here is 59 years old, so you’ll have to excuse the sound quality as the recordings were made from dusty old 78s… Personally, I think it adds to the charm.

Die komplette Tracklist und den Download gibt es hier.